We started investing back in 2013 in the very best founders.

It’s the way you show up.

We met Eric Ryan 20 years ago while he was building Method. That relationship grew into an exit with Olly and investment in his latest venture, Welly.

It’s the relationships you build.

Base jumped into space tourism with Space Perspective and is the lead investor in the moonshot endeavor.

It’s the risks you take.

We put our money on Amira Yahyaoui, internationally awarded activist and founder of Mos, the turbo tax for financial aid.

It’s the people you bet on.

Base was the first institutional investor in Pigeonly, a platform that keeps the incarcerated connected to loved ones

It’s the doors you open.

Network is what drives Base.


From day one, Base has been about connecting and cultivating relationships. We built a foundation on trust and access.


We see opportunity through a different lens, shaped by unique backgrounds and fueled by our vast founder, celebrity and political network.


With more than 20 years of investing and challenging conventional wisdom, we’ve gained invaluable insight into what makes great founders and opportunities. And we never stop evolving, continually refining our strategy, approach, and outlook.

Our Approach
Diishan Imira / CEO, Mayvenn


Show up the right way.

We support our founders by being uniquely resourceful and always on. We’re honest, even when the conversations are tough. And most importantly, we know when to get out of the way. We empower founders to focus on growth over image, to make smart moves that put long-term success over short-term gains.

We met Diishan long before he had a fully built product. SV shunned the idea of online haircare. We believed in Diishan early and he’s gone on to raise a Series A led by A16Z and serve tens of thousands of stylists.


Make bold bets.

We’re not afraid to invest in unorthodox founders and visions. In fact, we embrace the opportunity to work with leaders who don’t fit the mold. Our vision and experience allow us to spot ideas that are just crazy enough to work.

We were introduced to the founders of Space Perspective and their bold vision by Tony Hsieh and after spending a few days with them, we jumped on board. If you know Felix Bumgardner, you’ve seen their technology in action.

Space Perspective
Amira Yahyaoui / Founder & CEO, Mos


Commit up front.

When we believe, we go all-in from the first check.

We met Amira through a mutual connection. Mos became our largest investment to date when we participated in the seed round led by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp. 12 months later Sequoia led her series A funding.

Investment Focus

We invest at the Seed and Pre-Seed stage. We're generalists with a strong background and interest in:

Modern Consumer

The relationship between consumers and brands has fundamentally shifted away from traditional retail. Today consumers can buy cars directly from Tesla, glasses directly from Warby Parker, and mattresses directly from Casper. To thrive in this new competitive landscape, retailers large and small have to reimagine the end-to-end customer experience. We invest in technology that changes how retailers and brands connect with customers.


Industrial and manufacturing companies are adopting tools like robotics, cloud computing, and AI for efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. We invest in companies that leverage technology to modernize production, distribution, processes, supply chains, and markets for industrial, logistics, and manufacturing businesses.

by the Numbers


$531.6M in Revenue


1888 Jobs Created (Employed)


136 Founders Backed


$1.6B Capital Raised by Portfolio Companies
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